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A wealth of information in the Vapnik's masterpiece

An admissible structure is one satisfying the following three properties.

1) The set S* is everywhere dense in S
2) The VC-dimension of each set of functions contained in S is finite.
3) Any element of the structure contains totally bounded functions

Bayesian concept of probability is linked not with frequency, but with state of information. The processing of this information proceeds in a propositional sense. In fact there are semantic work related to the use of Bayesian statistic as foundation for programming languages (BLOG), First kind logic (MEBN , also look at the fun Of Starships and Klingon) and thus the foundation principles of Network-Centric warfare and commerce.

Property of Baysian calculation of proabability are sometimes difficult to grasp and very counter intuitive, interesting consideration can hide behind apparently trivial formulas that can help to answer questions like: If you know your neighbour has a son born on Tuesday, which is the probability your neighbour has two sons? (more…)